How To Hire Bands for Weddings

 Ever Considered a Live Jazz Band For Your Wedding? 

When you hire bands for weddings you may want to consider a live jazz band.  Jazz music for your wedding adds variety, flexibility and entertainment options you may have never considered.
Live band music brings an atmosphere and warm interaction to every wedding, anniversary, birthday party, or corporate event.  Using an experienced jazz band for weddings from Atlanta, Georgia could help mold and create the wedding of your dreams!

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Hire Jazz Band A Sparkling Planet


 Hiring Bands for Weddings can be a very pleasurable experience or frustrating one. Take a close look at Jazz Bands in Atlanta for live band music and jazz for corporate events, weddings and parties.  Usually jazz players are among the best musicians and come from jazz clubs or an academic background.  A professional jazz band can be very versatile and play blues jazz, Swing, Latin jazz, wedding reception music, and even some rock like a cover band. Jazz Musicians read sheet music and can adapt to almost any music for weddings or be a function band for corporate events.  Music for weddings, jazz events and corporate events will most always need a live band. Jazz professionals are adept to working in jazz trios (or) duo's and still delivering a wonderful and full sound. The excitement and interaction of a live band and live music set a mood and atmosphere for your event.  It is an emotional experience and not quickly forgotten by your guests..or you! 

How To Hire Bands For Weddings

  • Type of Entertainment - Decide if you want the entertainment to be soft in background (or) lively show with vocals- MC and dancing
  • Hours - Know how long you will need a band for wedding - procession, reception, etc.
  • Budget - Have a dollar amount set for quality entertainment. A Jazz combo can be split to a wedding jazz trio (or) jazz duo for receptions or tight budgets without loosing the style and ambience of your event. 
  • Theme of Event - Is there a theme to your event? Think Themes: Old Hollywood, Retro, Las Vegas, Cocktail Inspired, Movie Premiere 
  • Musical Variety - You may not realize that jazz incorporates many styles of music. Swing, 30's-40's-50's hits, Latin, Mood music.  Even crossover Rock and Pop Top 40 hits from the past
  • Reliability - Jazz players are mature musicians usually in the business a long time. Treating each job with care and polish.
  • Professional Experience - Jazz players are usually exceptionally talented musicians and are adaptable to almost any situation - change of program - song list - theme of show, etc. 
  • Atmosphere - Your event should be unique and original with a rich atmosphere
  • Flexibility - seasoned musicians help mold your event and fine tune it exactly as you dream it. 


We invite you to see some of our live music performances.  Below are links to wedding reception music and other live music venues:


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  Wedding music bands are a dime a dozen. Your best bet is to choose wedding musicians with jazz artists.  Hire bands for weddings in Atlanta because your likely to get better quality live music. You will also receive more professionalism from a jazz combo.  Jazz players usually have a very booked calendar (play many events) and aspire to higher standards and practices in the music business.  Many have been around longer and know the ropes and what it takes to make clients entertained and happy!

So, whether your event is casual or very formal - large or small,  jazz group is the way to hire a band.  From a wedding jazz trio to a concerts band the quality of live music will be noticed.


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