Michael Cady

Acoustic & Electric Basses

Not only is Michael Cady the basses, he is also yo-yoist and top thrower for "A Sparkling Planet"!

Michael Cady is Maple Street Guitars' and Midtown Music's (both in Atlanta, GA) bass specialist. He has been teaching bass and guitar for nearly twenty years, and performing for over twenty five years.

He has studied under many different teachers including Jim Woody, Lyn Deramus, David Fisher, Frank Carter, Rich Nanista, Michael Moore, Ted Howe, Mary Akerman, Sid Wolf, Jackie Pickett, and Don Strand. This wide variety of private teachers has given him a special insight into the teaching of private lessons. He has taken what he considers to be the most effective methods and techniques of his various teachers and has developed them into his own curriculum.

Always looking to further his own musical education, Mike continues to study with other instructors in such varied styles as classical, flamenco and jazz.

A lover of "low and loud", in addition to his main instrument - the seven string bass - he also plays the upright bass and the tuba. Besides "A Sparkling Planet", Mike also performs locally with "The Chris Paul Kenny Group", Sam McPherson's "Red Neck Jazz”, and his own original project “The Loneliest Monks”.




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