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"Music for Mid-Century Moderns"



Ay, Caramba!!  We have arrived to deliver Wild, Swinging, Midnight Music for you Cool Cats! Atomic Leisure Tunes, Whipped Creme and Other Delights.


The fifties and the dawn of the early sixties....WHAT A BLAST!! (literally)

"Duck & Cover!" was a familiar "catch phrase" during this period.  It was supposed to be a slogan for "school aged" children to hit the floor (preferably under their desk) at the onset of an air raid warning.  Yet, this could also reflect the repression, innocence and rebellion of all society; at that time. The atomic age (as mentioned), the pre-sexual revolution, the beat generation, the space race, etc…


Bottoms Up!!

Man, (I gotta tell you) this really progressed into alot of cocktail capers!  Astronauts, Playboys, and the Man in a Gray Flannel suit all having very wet lunches!  This bubbling atmosphere and mixture of life styles produced a huge catalogue of "record-albums" and movie madness from tinsel-town.  We want to re-capture the verve and zaniness of a period that drove everyone "Mai Tai for Hi-Fi".


Wild, Cool, & Swinging Too!!

Serving Up: Spies, Thighs, and Private Eyes……Space Aged Pop……Bachelor Pad A Go-Go……Mambo Madness and Tikki-Exotica.... as entrées for your hi-fi appetite. This is the springboard for our show.  What once was considered very "cheesy" and unhip is (today) very, very, cool!   We want to lead our audience down a road that will bring back memories or spark new emotions as fresh as when this music was composed. The show is comprised of a wonderful mix of dance, atmospheric, and mood music. Most of which is easily recognizable (some contemporary) and will captivate interest and participation.  Conga line anyone?


Martinis Du Jour!!

We can blast you off into space on "Sputnik" (with some futuristic ditties) or we can take you roaring down "Route 66". We can strap on an orange wet suit and submerge underwater to battle SPECTRE with James Bond in "Thunderball" or we can take you to a "quiet village" on an exotic island somewhere; far, far, away.  We could be joining "Hef”on the set of "Playboy After Dark" (t.v. series) or opening up for the "Rat Pack" in a Las Vegas show club. 

What do you feel like today? It's down the hatch! Let’s go there!!



So kick back and soak up those “jet set cocktails".  We are zooming off to "A Sparkling Planet" from a long time ago.  Let this carefully chosen arrangement of music move into you.  It is relaxing and reminiscent of a fun and innocent time that is far removed from anything you have to put up with ..today.    "Escape!!"


“A Sparkling Planet"  hot “cha-cha" line is  1-877-581-4789  please leave a message!


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